Epcot Best International Food & Wine Festival
Epcot Best International Food & Wine Festival

Epcot Best International Food & Wine Festival 2023

Epcot Best International Food & Wine Festival 2023

A Celebration of Culinary Excellence Discover the ultimate guide to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, a gastronomic extravaganza showcasing the finest cuisines and beverages from around the world. Unravel the festival’s highlights, tips, and must-try dishes.

Introduction: Savor the Flavors at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Welcome to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, a spectacular event held annually at Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This culinary journey is a food lover’s paradise, where you can indulge in an extraordinary array of global cuisines and beverages. The festival features dishes and drinks from various countries, enticing your taste buds with every bite and sip.

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is not just about food; it’s an immersive experience that brings together culture, entertainment, and culinary expertise. In this article, we will take you through a comprehensive guide, giving you insights into the festival’s highlights, must-try dishes, insider tips, and much more. So, let’s embark on this delectable adventure!


Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: A Gastronomic Journey

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is a month-long celebration that takes place in the fall, usually from late August to November. During this time, Epcot’s World Showcase transforms into a bustling culinary marketplace, with over 30 global marketplaces representing different countries and regions. 

international food festival
Epcot Best International Food & Wine Festival


1. Global Marketplaces:

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The heart of the festival lies in the Global Marketplaces, where you can discover an impressive selection of international dishes and beverages. Each marketplace offers small plates and sips, allowing you to sample delicacies from various cultures. From French delicacies to Asian street food, there’s something to satisfy every palate.


2. Culinary Demonstrations: Learn from the Best

Enhance your culinary skills by attending interactive cooking demonstrations and beverage seminars hosted by renowned chefs and beverage experts. These demonstrations provide valuable insights into cooking techniques, food pairings, and the art of mixology.


3. Eat to the Beat Concert Series: A Musical Feast

Immerse yourself in the melodious tunes of the Eat to the Beat Concert Series. Enjoy live performances by popular artists while relishing delicious treats from around the world. It’s the perfect blend of food, music, and fun!


4. Beverage Seminars: Raise Your Glass


For all the wine enthusiasts out there, the festival offers beverage seminars where you can learn about wine, beer, and spirits from industry experts. Expand your knowledge and discover new favorites in a convivial setting.


5. Cheese Seminars: A Cheesy Affair

Cheese lovers rejoice! Delve into the world of cheese with informative cheese seminars that showcase an assortment of delectable cheeses paired with wines and other beverages.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

6. Culinary Workshops for Kids: Little Chefs in the Making

The festival also caters to young aspiring chefs with special cooking workshops designed just for kids. Let them explore their creativity and culinary talents in a fun and interactive environment.

7. International Flavors of Character Dining: Meet Your Favorite Disney Characters

Experience a unique dining opportunity with the International Flavors of Character Dining. Enjoy delightful meals while mingling with beloved Disney characters in their cultural attire.

8. Remy's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak: A Fun-Filled Adventure

Join Remy, the lovable rat from Disney-Pixar’s Ratatouille, in a hide-and-seek adventure around the World Showcase. Solve puzzles, find Remy, and earn exciting rewards! international food information council


9. Beverage and Food Pairings: A Match Made in Heaven

Indulge in perfectly curated food and beverage pairings at various kiosks throughout the festival. international food club


10. Party for the Senses: An Extravaganza of Sights, Sounds, and Tastes

If you’re seeking a grand culinary experience, the Party for the Senses is not to be missed. This premium event features live entertainment, exceptional dishes, and fine wines for a night of pure indulgence.


11. Festival Merchandise: Take Home a Memory

Commemorate your experience at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival with exclusive festival merchandise. From apparel to kitchen accessories, there’s a perfect memento for every foodie.


12. Epcot Food & Wine Festival Cookbook: Relive the Magic at Home

Bring the flavors of the festival to your kitchen with the Epcot Food & Wine Festival Cookbook. Recreate your favorite dishes and relive the magic long after the festival ends.

Experience the Best of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

 1: The Delectable Dishes that Steal the Show

The food at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is the star of the show. Every year, the festival offers an incredible array of dishes that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Here are some of the must-try dishes you can relish during the festival:

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Frequently Asked Questions



1: When is the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival held?**

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival usually takes place from late August to November, spanning approximately two months.

FaQ2: Do I need a separate ticket for the festival?**

No, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is included in your regular admission to Epcot. However, some experiences and events may require separate tickets or reservations.

FAQ 3: Are there vegetarian and vegan options available?**

Yes, the festival caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll find a diverse selection of plant-based dishes to enjoy.

FAQ 4: Can I meet celebrity chefs during the festival?**

Yes, the festival hosts various culinary experts and celebrity chefs who conduct demonstrations and seminars. Keep an eye on the event schedule for opportunities to meet them.

FAQ 5: Is the festival suitable for families with kids?**

Absolutely! The festival offers several family-friendly activities, including the Culinary Workshops for Kids and Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak adventure.

FAQ 6: Are the dishes and beverages at the marketplaces priced separately?**

Yes, the dishes and beverages at each marketplace are priced individually. You can use cash, credit cards, or Disney gift cards for purchases.


Conclusion: A Feast for the Senses

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is a gastronomic extravaganza that captivates visitors with its diverse culinary offerings, immersive experiences,  international food and captivating entertainment. From delectable dishes to fine wines, the festival promises a feast for the senses.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply enjoy exploring different cuisines, the festival caters to all tastes and preferences. As you savor each bite and sip, you’ll be transported on a culinary journey around the world, experiencing the essence of various cultures.

So, mark your calendars and embark on a memorable adventure at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Don’t miss this unparalleled celebration of culinary excellence, where flavors and experiences come together to create lasting memories.


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